Creating Healthy Habits for Kids in Gilbert, AZ

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Ten ways you can begin creating healthy habits for kids:

1. BEGIN WITH REGULAR CHIROPRACTIC CARE. It is never too early for a spinal and nervous system check-ups. Studies have shown spinal misalignments frequently happen during the birth process. An optimally performing body leads to a happier, healthier, brighter child.

2. Practice healthy habits for your kids to see. They are more likely to follow your lead. Limit sugar, white flour and processed foods in your home.

3. Be active. Make it a family affair. Plan active, outside activities. Everyone will benefit from the exercise, laughter and time together.

4. Limit computer, cell phone, video and TV time. These habits can lead to a sedentary lifestyle and a life of over-eating, obesity, chronic pain and illnesses.

5. Encourage physical activities that the kids will love and want to participate in.

6. Be supportive and positive. Always look for the positives and the wins to build confidence and self-esteem. Celebrate!

7. Create healthy habits for kids through SMART goal setting -- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.

8. Reward with a special activity. Celebrate good behavior with something other than food or snacks.

9. Have healthy meals together. Talk about the good things that happen during the day. Digestion is better when conversation and thinking is positive. Kids are less likely to snack and have positive behaviors when families dine together on a regular basis.

10. Stay involved and make health and wellness a family affair. Read food labels and teach kids all the ways toxic sugars and additives are hidden in our foods. Teach them to be detectives, reading and asking what is in the food they eat. If they cannot pronounce it, it probably isn’t good to put in their body.

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