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Do I Have a Pinched Nerve?


A pinched nerve is a rare occurrence to see and generally represents an imminent medical emergency as signs and symptoms are often the complete loss of ability to move a limb or loss of bowel or bladder control.  It is much more likely that the pain, numbness or tingling you are feeling is a result of an inflammation, irritation, chafing or stretching of nerve tissue. 


Anytime nerve tissue is irritated, stretched, chafed or otherwise disturbed there will be a distortion of the nerve messages sent between the body and the brain.  This can ultimately lead to dis-ease in the affected organ, cell or tissue.  It’s like talking over a mobile phone when there is a bad connection and you ask, “can you hear me now?”


There are special tests that can measure how well the nervous system is communicating.  These tests measure electrical signals from the nerves to the muscles of the spine, the blood flow along both sides of the spinal column and the variability of the heart rate over time.  Each test measures different parts of the nervous systems to dial in on exactly what type of interference could be causing a health problem.  Nervous system tests offer a non-invasive way to measure changes in health over a treatment period of time, revealing to both patient and practitioner the effectiveness of care.


In our office we have invested in state of the art Space Foundation Certified equipment to measure and report on nervous system function.  To have your spine checked for nervous system interference and find out if you have a pinched nerve, call and schedule a consultation today. 480-325-6977

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