Ease Muscle And Joint Pain Naturally

This video shows the strength regained in the Abductor Brevis muscle. Dr. Keith Lavender has just completed Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) to re-activate inhibited muscles. This young athlete began having difficulties after sliding in to home base during a game. Pain and weakness followed.

Injuries and strains are common occurrences for active sports and exercise enthusiasts.  If you have problems with muscle and joint pain, imbalances, or weakness when participating in activities you love, you may be a perfect candidate for AMIT sports therapy.

When an injury does occur and the integrity of the muscle or muscle group is exceeded, the nerve centers that are contained around those muscles will shut down the affected muscles to minimize damage.  When a muscle is injured, the body adapts and the pain may go away. Through that adaptation, the body becomes off balance putting more stress on another part of the body. Then, when you become active again or as time goes on, pain typically returns in the joint or muscle, or an old injury may re-occur. For example, a sprained right ankle, treated traditionally, could cause the left knee or hip to be painful as the body adapts to a weakened, injured ankle. The idea with AMIT and Chiropractic is to find the source of the problem and treat the cause, not the symptom.

Ease Muscle And Joint Pain Naturally

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