Health Benefits of Massage in Gilbert, AZ 85233, 85234, 85296

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Everyone loves the relaxation and luxury of a massage.   But did you know there are numerous health and wellness benefits you also enjoy with your massage?

Improved Sleep.   Massage lowers cortisol (stress) levels and increases serotonin (feel-good) levels in the body, resulting in more restful nights. 

Weight Loss.  Stress increases our desire to eat and also slow down metabolism.   Massage lowers cortisol levels which increased metabolism needed to burn calories.

Increased Circulation.   Massage helps improve circulation, which helps deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout your body.

Improved Digestion.   Relaxed bodies digest food more efficiently and help deliver needed nutrients from food.

Prevention of Injuries and Illness.   Tense muscles can reduce circulation and contribute to chronic ailments.    Massage helps improve circulation and flexibility in the body, which helps prevent injuries.  Athletes incorporate massage therapy into their training regimens for this reason.

Reduced Stress.   There are many benefits of reduced stress – including a reduced heart rate, a strengthened immune system and decreased inflammation.

If you want to learn more or experience the health benefits of massage therapy under the direction of Dr. Keith Lavender, Foresight Chiropractic in Gilbert, AZ, contact our office today for a free consultation or to schedule your massage. 

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