Household Products That Harm Your Health

Common Household Products Are Harming with Your Hormones and your health.

They are called Endocrine Disruptors – the chemicals found in common products that alter normal hormone function.    Often made from petrochemicals, these dangerous compounds make their way into your body, accumulate in body fat cells, and reside in your body for years causing problems with your natural hormone balance.

Over time, endocrine disruptors can lead to health problems including obesity, diabetes, reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, thyroid issues, osteoporosis, behavioral and neurological problems, and hormone-dependent cancers.

The list of common household products that can contribute to hormonal imbalance is lengthy.   Cleaners, air fresheners, plastic toys, food containers, cosmetics, perfumes and personal care products are examples.  Environmental contaminates including car exhaust, industrial chemicals and pesticides also disrupt the endocrine system.

Because of the widespread prevalence of these dangerous substances in our environment, we are building up and retaining high levels of toxins in our body. For better health and well-being, it is vital to reduce and eliminate your exposure to endocrine disruptors drastically and immediately.

Three Disruptors to Avoid

1.       BPA.  BPA is an industrial chemical used to make synthetics that line food and beverage cans and containers, and is also found in receipt paper.

2.       Phthalates.   Chemical plastic softeners, phthalates are found in cosmetics, hair spray and fragrances.   They are easily absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream.

3.       PFCs.   Perfluorinated Chemicals are those substances that prevent food from sticking to your frying pan and food containers.   They don’t break down – ever.   Products that promise fewer stains and water resistance most likely contain PFCs, as do popcorn bags and fast food containers.

Tips to Avoid Endocrine Disruptors

·         Avoid plastic food and beverage containers.  Use glass instead.

·         Buy organic food.

·         Choose chemical-free cosmetics and health care products.

·         Do not microwave food in plastic containers.

·         Use unbleached paper products and feminine protection.

·         Avoid household chemicals and substitute with natural substances.

·         Use natural alternatives to pesticides and herbicides in your lawn and garden.

·         Read product labels.  Avoid products with DBP, DNOP, DiNP, DEP, BBzP, DEHP, DiDP, DMP and DnOP which contain phthalates.  Avoid products with BPA and BPS.

Household Products That Harm Your Health

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