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One of the first questions we receive when consulting new patients is: “Will my insurance cover this care?”  The short answer is “maybe.”    But the long answer is: “There are differences between the medical care of disease and illness that insurance is designed to cover, versus the ongoing health and wellness care provided by chiropractic.”

Health insurance is designed primarily to cover catastrophic care for disease and illness.  Some insurance plans will provide limited benefits for chiropractic care if the care is related to a specific injury, such as back pain from a fall or whiplash from a car accident.   

But insurance coverage is changing as we speak, with people responsible for ever higher premiums, deductibles and coinsurance – before any type of benefits even kick in.  Few policies cover wellness or preventive care.

So, the right questions to ask are:  Why do I need to self-fund my chiropractic care, and what  health benefits do I receive?”

Chiropractic care is wellness and preventive care.  It puts you in charge of your health and wellness – not the insurance company.  The chiropractic approach to better health is safe and natural – no drugs, no surgery.  This is care that improves your health and makes you less susceptible to illness and injury.

True health is how well your body functions – not how you “feel” -- and how well you maintain your health and wellness.   That’s why periodic chiropractic care is an important part of your health care – and a healthy lifestyle choice that you can make to improve your health today.


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