Is Long Term Chiropractic Care Good?

Investing in the Health Benefits of Long-Term Chiropractic Care

People start seeing a chiropractor for a variety of reasons.   Maybe they need relief from acute pain caused by a car accident, a fall or some other accident that caused neck, back or shoulder pain.   Perhaps they have chronic pain from an old injury or long-term medical conditions.    Migraine and tension headaches, concussions and poor posture issues also lead patients to chiropractors.

The good news is chiropractic care is excellent therapy to treat all those symptoms and conditions. The best benefit is it is not treating the symptom but going to the core of the problem to resolve and restore health.

But the benefits of chiropractic care extend well beyond the relief of acute pain.  That’s why you should consider adding regular chiropractic care into your health and wellness plan. 

6 Reasons a Chiropractic Care Plan is a Great Investment in Your Health

1.       Improves Your Body’s Structure and Posture.   Regular care focused on aligning and adjusting your spine results in improved posture and spine strength.

2.       Improves Overall Function.  With consistent chiropractic care, your body systems will have a chance to restore and maximize functional capacity.  You will experience an improvement in your health.

3.       Slows Spinal Degeneration.   With regular chiropractic care, the subluxation process is slowed or stopped.

4.       On-going Healing.  Regular chiropractic adjustments improve the regeneration of damaged cells and tissue throughout the body.

5.       Improved quality of life.  When pain, stiffness and limited mobility are reduced, your immune system is functioning at its highest level.

              6.      Save money by investing in your future! Your health is your greatest asset.

Because stress impacts your body every day, taking good care of your body is a daily process and lifestyle choice. Emotional, Chemical, and Physical Stress that is experienced on a daily basis accumulate over time and takes a toll on the body, leading to chronic pain and illnesses.  That is why having an annual Chiropractic Care Plan is vital to your health.  

Is Long Term Chiropractic Care Good?

Foresight Chiropractic and Wellness Center offers a variety of care programs designed to provide you with ongoing care at affordable, discounted prices.  The Care Plans include periodic assessments of your health, consultations on exercise, nutrition and other health care recommendations, and regular adjustments to help you keep your body functioning at its highest level.

For more information on how to have a happier, health life for you and your family, call 480-325-6977. If you have been to multiple doctors and are still struggling or if you want to maximize your mental and physical performance, call to schedule a free consultation. Dr. Keith Lavender is a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical chiropractic specialist, certified Advanced Muscle Integration Technique practitioner, and certified Wellness coach serving the community for over 18 years.  Call today and ask about our discounted wellness plans.

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