Muscle Regeneration

 Stuck in Pain? Unleash Your Body's   Hidden Power with AMIT!!

Imagine waking up pain-free, moving with ease, and feeling stronger than ever. Sounds impossible, right? But for countless people like Eleanor, it's become a reality thanks to AMIT, a revolutionary approach to healing.

Eleanor's Story:

A car accident left Eleanor with a very limited range of motion in her left leg, relying on her hands and arms just to move it. Then, she discovered AMIT. "Dr. Lavender reawakened my muscles," she exclaims, "now I walk freely!" This isn't just a one-time miracle. AMIT is backed by over 20 years of success, helping athletes, weekend warriors, and everyday people like you:

  • Escape Chronic Pain: Stop letting joint and muscle pain hold you back. AMIT identifies and reactivates "shut down" muscles, the hidden source of your discomfort.
  • Move Like Never Before: Experience immediate improvement in strength, balance, and flexibility. Imagine bending, reaching, and playing pain-free!
  • Prevent Future Injuries: Don't wait for another accident. AMIT predicts and corrects instabilities, making your body resilient and ready for anything.
  • Boost Your Performance: Athletes swear by AMIT's ability to unlock peak performance, enhancing strength, coordination, and range of motion.

How Does AMIT Work?

Think of your body as an orchestra. When a muscle gets injured or overloaded, it goes silent, throwing the whole system off balance. The AMIT or Advanced Muscle Integration Technique, acts like a conductor, testing and "reawakening" these silent muscles, bringing harmony back to your body.

Muscle Regeneration

Dr. Keith Lavender, DC, a certified AMIT practitioner and Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialist in Gilbert, Arizona, wants to help you move with freedom and power. Call today for a complimentary consultation and discover how AMIT can transform your life! Call 480-325-6977 and ask about same day appointments. Additional healing modalities available include Low Level Cold Laser, BEMER  vascular therapy, therapeutic massage, and Nutritional coaching.

Don't wait, unleash your body's hidden potential with AMIT!

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