Natural Pain Relief During Pregnancy

   Gentle chiropractic care received during pregnancy has been shown to provide greater comfort during the pregnancy without the harmful side effects that pain medicine may cause. It also helps to support less complicated deliveries, optimizing health for mother and child.

Many women experience neck, hip, or back pain during their pregnancy, and pain can continue after delivery and become chronic if not properly addressed.  Chiropractic also helps to support less complicated deliveries, optimizing health for mother and child.

Weight gain that occurs during pregnancy, plus structural adaptation of the body, puts pressure on the vertebral segments of the spine and sacroiliac joints, causing low back pain. As the baby grows, pressure on the bladder, urethra, rectum, and pelvic structures can also cause pain and discomfort.

Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic is a gentle and precise upper cervical chiropractic specialty that is highly effective during and after the pregnancy -- aligning the spine and reducing nerve interference, pain and discomfort. Gentle chiropractic care helps with a healthier pregnancy and delivery by helping the baby assume an optimal birthing position and keeping the mother structurally aligned. This helps in reducing deliveries that need forceps or vacuum extraction. 

Each pregnancy is unique, special, and meant to be joyous.   Find more comfort and safe and natural pain relief with regular chiropractic and spinal care.

Natural Pain Relief During Pregnancy
Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic has proven to be effective and safe in treating patients with migraines, neck and back pain, digestive issues, fatigue, vertigosciatica and other health issues as well as benefits supporting pre and post pregnancy.

For more information and to schedule a free consultation with our Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical doctor, call 480-325-6977.  Dr. Keith Lavender at the Valley’s premier Wellness Center has been serving families for more than 25 years. Our mission is to help everyone be their best selves. Call today and enjoy life more fully.

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