Natural Treatment For ADD

     Chiropractic care may help reduce or eliminate the symptoms associated with Attention Deficit Disorder. A study was published in August 2012 that reported a 19 year old male suffered from long term back pain, Attention Deficit Disorder, (ADD), and sleep problems. The group of researchers found that the man's conditions improved with continuous chiropractic care.

The young man’s father stated that his son had suffered from ADD his entire life; however, the male's chief complaint was pain in the middle and lower part of the back. These symptoms had manifested in the last 5 years. The patient had difficulty organizing and paying attention and this had impacted the patient's daily activities, including school and work activities.

A complete chiropractic exam was done and included spinal x-rays and analysis of the patient. The examination determined that the man suffered from subluxation of the atlas vertebra in the uppermost area of the neck, causing impaired neurological functions.

Additional tests were done that measured spontaneous and evoked brain activity, sleep patterns, visual responses and physical functions. These assessments were completed before chiropractic care was administered. The patient's response to chiropractic care was measured using after care procedures.

These assessments indicated sleep improvement, improved ADD scores, improved attention span and visual responses. The results were immediately seen and the patient continued to show improvement throughout the subsequent tests.

The mother of the patient reported an improvement in the patient's behavior and attention span. The study also noted the patient become more cooperative and was able to complete tasks assigned to him. These tasks included school work and chores. Additionally, the patient was able to begin attending classes at a local college.

The patient reported that the long term pain in his back, neck, and head had gone away. The patient stated that he was able to play a musical instrument again and was no longer clumsy. The study indicated that improvements of the patient’s symptoms were relieved through chiropractic care.

Natural Treatment For ADD 

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