Simple Back Strengthening Exercise

Make the Plank Part of Your Exercise Routine

Looking for a new exercise that delivers great results and you can do it anywhere at no cost?   Try doing a plank – a simple and effective daily exercise that will deliver improved muscle tone and stronger abs.

The plank may look easy, but holding a plank position requires stability, strength and endurance in your core muscles including your abs, back and glutes.  Core strength is vital to daily functioning and athletic performance.  It helps you stabilize your body, maintain your posture, and act as a shock absorber to minimize injury.  You use these core muscles to bend, stand and turn. The plank position provides an exceptional range of muscle development. It works a variety of your core muscles and your shoulder girdle simultaneously. This also integrates your neurological system.

There are six specific benefits to using the plank position:

1. Tight Abs.  Planks lay the groundwork for tight abdominal muscles so you look better in your clothes and your bathing suit.

2. Strong Core.  Strong muscles defend your abdominal organs and help you to breathe easier.  Breath control is one method of reducing your stress level.  

3. Back Support.  Strengthening your back muscles reduces the likelihood of a back strain or back injury. Developing a strong core may protect your back from injury and pain.

4. Balance and Posture.  Balance helps you control and maintain your body position when you're sitting, standing and moving. Good posture reduces upper back pain and overstretched muscles from rounded shoulders and slumping forward.

5. Improved Performance.  A strong core will improve your athletic performance and your ability to do your daily tasks.

6. Improved Mental Strength and Mood.  Maintaining a plank position for two to three minutes requires both physical and mental strength.

The plank exercise is done in a push-up, or modified push-up, position. The essential position is that you maintain your back and lower body in straight alignment.  Planks are done on the floor, on your forearms, with your elbows shoulder-width apart. You are on your toes, with your back straight, your abdominal and buttock muscles tight. You will look like you're doing a push-up, but on your forearms instead of your hands. Begin with the basic plank position and build up to the more advanced positions. Check our website for additional videos.

For any new health program, you want to give yourself the greatest success and minimize injuries by getting regular chiropractic care. The central nervous system controls and coordinates EVERY other system in the body and is protected by the skull and the spine. When the spine is mis-aligned or subluxated, that can cause interference or stress to the nervous system, decreasing the body's ability to heal and self-regulate.

Simple Back Strengthening Exercise 

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