Sports Therapy For Muscle And Joint Pain

    What is Advance Muscle Integration Technique?

As muscles are overloaded beyond its capacity to perform, the central nervous system acts much like an electrical circuit breaker in a home. Muscles or muscle groups that could be torn or sustain an even greater injury are “shut down” or becomes inhibited by the nervous system to protect from further or more severe injury. 

When the inhibited muscle is “loaded” again, it may be weak and not able to sustain the force being applied. As this continues, the body sends out pain signals as another way to protect the body. Inflammation occurs and possibly swelling along with the pain. Any muscle that attaches or crosses over a joint may be less functional or have a limited range of motion.

The central nervous system then begins a strategy to adapt and recruit other muscles and muscle groups to take on greater loads, a compensatory process.  This can lead to more or recurring injuries and pain placing even greater stress on ligaments and tissues, beginning a viscous cycle that can lead to chronic pain, reduced function, and degenerative changes in the body.

Sports Therapy For Muscle And Joint Pain

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique or The AMIT Method, is an advanced healing technique, testing over 600 muscles using an objective and precise neurological technique to determine which particular muscle or muscle group has been inhibited.  Dr. Craig Buhler developed this technique over a 26 year period with the Utah Jazz based on the work of Dr. Alan Beardall.  Dr. Beardall was one of the original Diplomats in The International College of Applied Kinesiology and was a nationally ranked distance runner.  Presented with many difficult and chronic athletic injuries, he developed what was known as Clinical Kinesiology or CK.

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