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Sugar Industry Funds and Manipulates Pro-Sugar Research

A recent article in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal documents the close link between researchers and the sugar industry to publish studies minimizing the health impacts of sugar addiction and its link to chronic illnesses. 

Big-Sugar has been funding research downplaying sugar’s role in heart disease since the 1960’s, while also pointing the finger at fat as the bad guy of health and a leading cause of heart disease. Sugar Addiction Help Gilbert AZ

As early as 1964, the Sugar Association discussed a campaign to change “negative attitudes toward sugar.”  The Association embarked on a project to pay Harvard researchers to review scientific literature on fat and sugar impacts, and to publish an article using information it provided.

The article, published in 1967, stated there was “no doubt” that reducing cholesterol and saturated fat was the only dietary change needed to prevent heart disease.   The study downplayed studies on sugar while overstating the research on fat and cholesterol.

For decades following the study, health officials and scientists focused on reducing saturated fat – not sugar -- to prevent heart disease.   More recently, health concerns have shifted away from fat and toward sugar as a primary contributor to disease. Sugar Addiction Help Gilbert AZ

The article in JAMA is part of an ongoing project to reveal the sugar industry’s longtime efforts to rebut science linking sugar with negative health effects, including diabetes.  This analysis is another example documenting how food and beverage makers work to shape public perception and understanding of nutrition.

The sugar industry is not the only group to fund and publish research sympathetic to their product.   Food companies and agricultural groups fund research that is published, cited by other researchers, and touted by big business public relations efforts.

It's challenging to know what is the right foods to eat -- what studies to believe. It is important to look at who funded the study and what their interest is. We don't all have time to research articles so it's important to have a good health partnership with doctors and wellness centers that do look at the validity of studies. 

Sugar Addiction Help Gilbert AZ

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