Trouble Sleeping?

Sleep Better for Better Health

One of the most overlooked aspects of living a healthy lifestyle is getting the proper among of high-quality sleep every night.

Research clearly shows that deep (REM) sleep is necessary for optimal performance of the Endocrine System, which is responsible for detoxification and de-acidification during the evening hours when other functional systems are at rest.

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore found that getting less sleep or sleeping poorly was tied to an increase in brain levels of beta-amyloid, a toxic protein that builds up and forms plaques in the brains found in those with Alzheimer’s. Using brain scans, they found that those who said they got the least sleep -- under five hours a night -- or who slept fitfully had higher levels of beta-amyloid in the brain than those who slept over seven hours a night.

So how can you improve your sleep naturally and holistically?

The following health therapies offered at Foresight Chiropractic Wellness Center help to align the body and release stress, which is essential to sleeping well each nigh:

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic is an upper cervical Chiropractic specialty utilizes very precise and gentle adjustments to align the spine on the top bone known as the Atlas. When the Atlas is misaligned, the body and nervous system-- natural immune system can be compromised and can lead to other health complaints like poor sleep headaches and migraines, and sinus issues to name just a few.

BEMER Vascular Therapy.  BEMER is a patented Class II cleared medical device that sends a very specific frequency signal that improves blood circulation through microcirculation. This effect has been shown to reduce muscle aches and discomforts, enhance rest and relaxation, sports performance and recovery and improve mental acuity.

BrainTap  guided meditation is a proven stress-buster and an important lifestyle activity to have in your health and wellness toolbox. BrainTap is more than 400 programs of meditation to help you quickly and easily relax, re-boot and revitalize. With BrainTap, you put on a special headset that provides sounds, words and pulsing light of your meditation. You can choose programs that help you improve your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being to help support healthy sleep.

Massage.  At Foresight Chiropractic, our senior massage therapists offer a variety of therapeutic massage treatments. Massage helps to improve relaxation and circulation while reducing and eliminating stress, muscle tension, aches and pain, and stiffness in the body.

Trouble Sleeping?

To learn more about natural sleep enhancing options and proven ways to restore your health, call 480-325-6977.  Dr. Keith Lavender is a Board Certified upper cervical specialist serving patients from around the country for over 25 years. Enjoy your life and live to your greatest potential utilizing proven, non-invasive therapies that get to the core of your issues. Ask about same day appointments.

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