Best Chiropractor for Migraine Relief


Migraines and headaches can't be seen in an x-ray, blood tests, CT scan, or other tests--there are no fractures or ulcers. Your family and friends can't see it, but the pain IS REAL and it can be debilitating. It can ruin your day--your job--your relationships. 

This week, Deb came into our office to consult with an Atlas Orthogonal Doctor,  the best chiropractor for migraine relief. Her personal trainer referred her to our office after watching her struggle with rheumatoid arthritis and most recently, migraines. Deb couldn't get out of bed some days and she had a 2 and a 7 year old. She thought she would have to cancel their family Christmas party and dinner. She had already been to the ER for the pain, neurologists, given medication that made her sleep and did not resolve the issue.

The central nervous system communicates with and controls and coordinates ALL other systems of the body and is protected by the skull and vertebral segments. Interference and stress to the nervous system decreases the body's ability to heal and self-regulate.  After a thorough history and consultation with the doctor, Deb was given a nervous system exam and cervical xrays were taken. Structure determines function. Precise calculations from the x-rays determined the adjustment for Deb.  It is like creating the plans to build a house. To see is to know, to not see is to guess. 

The first adjustment Deb received was to align the atlas, the top bone of the spine. The atlas is the most moveable bone in the spine, weighing about 2 oz., it allows the head, weighing 12 to 15 lbs, to be mobile. The adjustment is so gentle it is hard to imagine how it could make a difference. The position of the atlas determines the rotation and movement of the rest of the spine. Imagine the top link in a chain--turn the first link-- what happens to the remaining links?

Deb began feeling the pain and pressure in her head decrease within hours. She went home and slept several hours. The next morning, she was able to get out of bed with less pain and begin functioning more normal. With additional adjustments, she continues to get better and her family is over-joyed. Our health is our greatest asset. 

Foresight Chiropractic Wellness Center, Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialist, is the best chiropractor for migraines and headache relief. Call 480-325-6977 for a free consultation.

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