Can a Chiropractor Help? Gilbert, AZ

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When you or someone in your family has a health issue, can a chiropractor help?  You may be surprised to find what kind of healing and relief may be helped by chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is generally thought of helping patients with back, neck and joint pain. Dr. Keith Lavender, a Board Certified upper cervical chiropractor, says he sees many patients that come in for neck or back pain and are surprised to find the treatment also improves their symptoms and effects of common illnesses or health issues--improving their overall quality of life.  “While we do not claim to cure organic diseases, we know that chiropractic care removes the stress and interference in the body, allowing the body to heal naturally, slowing down the aging process and improving the quality of life of patients,” said Lavender.

Activation of our fight and flight system of the nervous system is due to a lack of proper positioning and movement stimulation to the brain from the spinal joints, affecting all systems of the body, making it more difficult to fight off illnesses. Restricted spinal joint movements decrease neurological input to the brain, which further activates the fight and flight systems and leads to ill-health.  Lavender gives the example of asthma, which often causes mid-back pain due to constant coughing, wheezing and difficulty taking a deep breath. Chiropractors do not cure asthma, but they can help the body to heal by removing stress in the spine (subluxations-vertebras out of alignment) allowing the nerves to function better.   It relieves back and muscle pain and allow the lungs to function better--healing naturally, he says.

Lavender says, chiropractic does not claim to cure any organic diseases. Many of his patients that have seen the greatest improvement in their health include those that come in to Foresight Wellness Center with migraines, fibromyalgia, MS, arthritis, ADHD, concussions, colic, asthma, anxiety and fatigue.  One of the greatest joys is when patients bring their children in for wellness care. This is a tremendous gift to a child—the opportunity to maximize their health naturally.

Can a chiropractor help you? For a free consultation with Dr. Keith Lavender or Dr. William Jarman, board certified Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors at Foresight Chiropractic Wellness Center call 480-325-6977. They specialize in upper cervical, gentle, precise care to patients of all ages--no popping or cracking.

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