Chiropractic Care for Kids


   For many decades parents, clinicians, and researchers have noticed positive changes in behavioral, physical, and emotional health of children receiving chiropractic care.  A variety of behavioral conditions have been observed to improve with chiropractic care for kids including ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and also focus, concentration and grades in school.

Since the nerves collectively control and influence all bodily functions, removing nerve interference may result in improvement of many different health problems.  Improvement is commonly seen in conditions such as colic, constipation, ear infections, allergies, asthma, sinus infections, persistent bed wetting, stomach aches, “growing pains” in the legs or arms, headaches, back and neck pain, scoliosis, and abnormal gait among others.

It is not unusual to hear parents state that since starting chiropractic care their children get sick less frequently and less severely, have less ear infections, and take less antibiotics and other drugs than their classmates.

10 Reasons to Take Your Children to the best chiropractic care for kids in Gilbert, AZ

1. To encourage good neural plasticity (brain and nerve development).

2. To support the best nerve communication throughout the body promoting health and wellbeing.

3. To help strengthen child’s immunity – encouraging fewer colds, ear-aches and general illness.

4. To help resolve breastfeeding issues and colic.

5. To reduce the detrimental impact our modern world (stress) has on children’s health.

6. To encourage children to thrive by supporting digestive strength.

7. To diminish nerve interference which may impact your child’s capacity to learn and concentrate.

8. To promote body balance – helping to resolve poor posture, asthma, allergies and bed-wetting.

9. To help kids with behavior issues.

10. To help kids stay in tip-top shape.

For more information how chiropractic care for kids can help your child, call 480-325-6977 to schedule a free consultation.  The doctors at Foresight Chiropractic Wellness Center are board certified Atlas Orthogonists upper cervical specialists caring for families for over 15 years.  Adjustments are very gentle and precise – no popping or cracking!  


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