Chiropractic in Gilbert

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Chiropractic in Gilbert is a natural, holistic, non-invasive health care providing pain relief for joint, muscles, bones, and connective tissues including the cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Adjusting the spine removes the interference and stress to the nervous system allowing the body to heal naturally.

Chiropractors employ hands-on spinal adjustments as well as other non-invasive treatments, based on a philosophy and science that the adequate alignment of the musculoskeletal structure of the body, specifically the spine, will allow the body to naturally heal itself without the use of any medication or surgical procedure. Adjustments are used to revive mobility to joints which are restricted by injuries in the tissues brought about by a traumatic event, repetitive motion, or stress on the body.

If you have never visited a chiropractic clinic before, you may be missing out on a happier, healthier life. Millions of people all over the world have experienced the amazing health benefits of chiropractic care. One of the best things about this form of health care is that it is surgery-free and drug-free which promotes safe, natural healing.

 People who have undergone this form of treatment experience improvement in the following conditions:

·         Surgery prevention

·         Organ function

·         Healthy pregnancy

·         Blood pressure

·         Asthma

·         Scoliosis

·         Joint pain and arthritis

·         Neck pain

·         Ear infections

·         Headaches

·         Back pain

·         Concussion

·         Fibromyalgia

Chiropractors pride themselves on improving lives, employing a drugless, natural approach to help their patients improve their overall health and reach their health goals. The main principle upon which the profession is anchored upon is that the human body has the natural ability to naturally heal itself and it is the job of the chiropractor to help make an environment that can facilitate this. Chiropractors pay special attention to the spine health to ensure that it is properly aligned and if there are any shifts, they will help put the spine back to its proper alignment.


For a free consultation and to learn more about chiropractic in Gilbert, call Foresight Chiropractic Wellness Center at 480-325-6977. The doctors are board certified Atlas Orthogonist, specializing in precise, gentle care for the entire family – no popping or cracking! 

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