How To Increase Your Stamina And Endurance

Watch this short video and enjoy an amazing cross country race!!  Incredible endurance and recovery is required for athletes participating in marathons, triathlons, and long-distance cycling. Any active individual also benefits from building up their strength, endurance and recovery.

Is participating in these types of activities and sports on your bucket list? Perhaps you are striving to improve your workouts or performance? If so, Foresight Chiropractic Wellness Center is the wellness partner for you!

Anyone wanting to stay active in life, extend their sports activities, or simply desire to stay active as long as possible will take steps to strengthen their body, improve their rest and recovery functioning and quickly rebound from any injuries.  At Foresight Chiropractic, innovative therapies are available for professionals, amateur athletes, weekend warriors or busy moms and dads to gain a performance edge. These include BEMER vascular therapy, Advanced Muscle Integration Technique, and Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical chiropractic care. Individual wellness plans are created to optimize results. 

As you see in this video, BEMER therapy (an 8-minute session twice a day) helps improve oxygen, nutrients and blood flow throughout the body.  With enhanced flood flow and circulation at the micro level, active individuals can experience less inflammation, less joint and muscle pain, greater range of motion, and quicker recovery and strength from minor aches, pains and injuries. 

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) targets muscles that are “turned off” and not functioning properly.  AMIT consists of diagnosing over 600 muscles, identifying their level of functionality, and treating them to get them re-integrated into the brain and body connection.

Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical chiropractic technique focuses on the upper neck. After a thorough review of a patient's history, x-rays may be taken to see exactly what is going on in the spine. From the x-rays, very specific measurements are obtained and used to gently and precisely adjust the Atlas (C1). Much like the top link of a chain, when C1 is re-aligned, the rest of the spine will respond. Proper alignment of the spine facilitates optimizing the nervous system.

Whether you are an avid runner, cyclist, hiker, walker, golfer, yoga enthusiast or active individual, AMIT and BEMER therapy – along with Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic spinal care –are pivotal to good health and optimal performance.  If you want all “cylinders” firing as you age, then learn what you can do now to stay healthy and slow down the aging process.

How To Increase Your Stamina And Endurance

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